Green Nectar’s Network of San Diego Cannabis Doctors and Nurses

We believe in connecting our patients with real cannabis doctors and nurses in order to provide the best service and experience to our members. That’s why Green Nectar works with practiced and reliable cannabis doctors and nurses in San Diego that can provide medical cards and guidance to patients looking to seek treatment with marijuana. Our recommendations for San Diego cannabis doctors and nurses help our community tailor a path for healing through cannabis.

Cannabis Doctors

Dr. Michelle Sexton ND San Diego Cannabis Doctors

Michelle Sexton ND

Integrative Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Sexton offers a patient centered, integrative systems approach to achieving optimal wellness.
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Cannabis Nurses


Holistic Caring

Elisabeth Mack, RN, MBA

Holistic Caring is a Nursing Organization that provides
practical guidance and reliable information for cannabis treatment.

(619) 880-5135